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Aligastor hats care about the environnement and your style


Makers & Artisans

Made in Portugal                              Assembled and designed in France


Local SHipping

We ship your hat everywhere in the world for free


Get your unique baseball hat

The first 1000 hats will get a serial number certified by Aligastor

Our baseball hat selection

Get your personalized and stylish hat made with cork  


To get your Aligastor baseball hat to protect the environment

Pre-order your aligastor

Once we reach 1000 preorder, you’ll have a priority access to buy your Aligastor

WHat’s next?

Once we will reach 1000 pre-order, we will do the same preorder process for a thousand cork belts

Géraud de quatrebarbes

aligastor designer

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12, rue de Paris

75018, Paris

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